We are excited to announce that Round 4 of the prestigious NSF funded Enabling the Next Generation of Hazards & Disasters Researchers Fellowship Program is underway!

This  demonstrably successful mentoring program supports and develops junior faculty to become active scholars in both their individual disciplines and in the broader hazards and disasters research community. The “Enabling Program” has previously mentored three cohorts of new researchers (1996, 2003, 2009). The current 2014 cohort of 22 competitively selected Fellows matched with 11 leading scholars aims to: (1) foster the development of scholars with a career-long commitment to research on hazards, risk, and disasters; (2) contribute to the nation’s future research capacity and infrastructure in these areas; and (3) add important original scientific knowledge to the areas of hazards, risk, and disasters.

A recent review of the past 44 Fellows reveals high scholarly productivity with over 575 peer-reviewed articles, 22 books, and 170 book chapters. Impressively, this group has obtained over $35 million in combined funding.

Funded by The National Science Foundation. nsf_logo_bottom

Contact us at: nextgenhazardsresearchers@gmail.com

Led by:

Deborah Thomas, University of Colorado Denver

Brian Gerber, University of Colorado Denver

Samuel Brody, Texas A&M University

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Next Generation Hazards Researchers